CPG Capabilities

CPG Capabilities

Chenega-Patriot Group, LLC (CPG) is a U.S. registered company that offers a portfolio of customized, discreet, professional security solutions.  Our approach involves the recruitment and retention of the most qualified, vetted personnel and vendors with relevant experience in austere high-threat environments.  We leverage technology, experience, individual creativity, and integrated processes to maximize the effectiveness of available resources:  

Protective Security Services – provide static or mobile security personnel to monitor, patrol, enforce, and report customer specified security requirements.  This consists of support to both CONUS and OCONUS locations.

Armed and Unarmed Guard Services - provide armed and unarmed static and/or mobile security personnel to monitor, patrol, enforce, and report customer specified security requirements.  These services include performance at CONUS and OCONUS locations.  CPG has extensive experience managing U.S. Expats, Third-Country Nationals (TCNs) and Local Nationals (LNs) in austere, remote, high-threat locations.

Explosive Detection Canine Services - provide explosive detection canines and handlers to detect and deter criminal and terrorist threats. Perform searches for a variety of explosive materials near building exteriors, secluded areas, security checkpoints, vehicles, packages, and pedestrians in and around assigned facilities.

Training – provide onsite or mobile tactical and combat medical training solutions to educate and empower personnel to successfully perform in any permissive or non-permissive high-threat environment.

Logistical Support Services - provide supply chain management services that include point-to-point order and delivery, inventory accountability management, records management, and sustainment resupply operations.   

Armory Support – provide a compliant, fully licensed weapons and ammunition wholesaler solution to properly procure, ship, and maintain weapons and ammunition according to customer specific quality requirements.  Capable of building and maintaining a state-of-the-art armory to store, clean, maintain, and modify assigned weapons. 

Medical Support - provide customized, deployable, cost effective medical direction, medical support, and veterinarian services in support of client requirements.

Vehicle Maintenance and Repair – provide professional vehicle maintenance personnel and shop equipment in austere remote OCONUS locations to repair and maintain state-of-the-art brand name vehicles, including small performance off-road vehicles. 

Life Support Construction and Services – provide full cycle life support operations from design and construction, to maintenance and sustainment service operations.  Services include lodging, water and waste management, redundant power/electrical, dining facility, gym/fitness, communications (phone, internet, television), and morale welfare facilities.  We recognize and adhere to International Building Code guidelines, as well as health and safety standards.